January 12, 2005

Hi-di Ho Everyone!

You guessed it. It's towel day. In order to get my membership at the Y, I collect dirty towels. Hey, isn't more glamerous than some jobs? - and it's not like I get paid any actual cash - it's on a whole different level. I wash them. I dry them. I even fold them.

The towels are important. One time I got there for my "shift" and there were maybe 5 clean towels left. Yes, five - for the entire Y. What is the senior citizen swim class going to do? They don't bring their own. If they can't abide by the 2 towel limit even, how are they going to go from 6 to 0.

Let's face it. Even if you have a towel, you feel like you can't get clean in the locker room. Your feet are wet and they've been on the floor. Do you stand on your towel? Isn't it just soaking up moisture from the bacteria infested tile? No towels is catastrophic. People start coming up to you like you exist all of a sudden wanting special towel privileges. "Listen, I'll be back from jogging in 20 minutes, will you have a towel for ME by then?" "Save me one." "You must have one in there somewhere!" How about, the starchy ones from the factory that havn't been unwrapped or pre-washed? They went for those.

Towels are a lot more important to some people than I ever imagined.


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