January 13, 2005

End of Time as We Know It

I've noticed that my fortune cookies as of late... do not actually tell my fortune at all. Now, I don't eat at fortune cookie giving places everyday, but when I do, it's stuff like:

"Romance comes to you in unusual ways" It used to say, "Romance WILL come to you in unusual ways"

What about: "You are suffering indigestion." as opposed to "You WILL suffer indigestion in the very near future."

Even without proper English, one could find tons of fortune telling fortune cookies in the past.
"You become rich friendship by being good friend." This still denotes a future even though it doesn't use proper English. Properly stated you would have encountered, "You become rich in friendship by being a good friend." We all know what that means (sort of) either way. Now we don't get the future or proper English. "You are rich friend being good friend." No one gets much from that and we certainly don't have a rat's (ox's or rabbit's) chance of a future in it.

In conclusion: the fortune writers have passed into the time of all previous fortunes where there is no future of which to write about left.

Please write with your fortunes reflecting or deflecting this.


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