January 15, 2005

It's Good to Be Prince

Can we stop freaking out about Prince Henry for a minute? Yeah, the kid dressed up as a Nazi. It was pretty offensive to see. But let's look at this closely. First of all, can you or anyone else possibly imagine the rebellion he suppresses? I'm not sympathizing with Nazis or with their sympathizers. Let's get that straight. I just tried to imagine growing up in a surreal world with a selfish father, a grandmother that is a Queen, and a mother that was ostricized because she had to get out of her fairytale marriage to a man obsessed with a woman named "Camille" of all things - and that died tragically.

Oh yeah, and then your life is scrutinized beyond the realms that first children probably experience because one day "you may be king". Try wrapping your mind around that concept.
So, do we go out and lynch him because he went to a costume party dressed like a Nazi? Sure, it's tacky, offensive and unacceptable. It's all those things, but who cares? Do we have the king thing hanging over our heads? Wasn't it just a costume party? Is it possible that he's not very mature?

Let's take a poll now of the most offensive costumes we've worn in our life.

I started out as Bride of Frankenstein at a college Halloween party but as the night progressed, my teased up hair-do fell and I got tired of the shoes. I transformed into Buckwheat. I painted my face dark. I felt that somehow I had crossed a line, but I didn't feel that crossing that line had dropped me off the edge of the Earth. How about you? Anyone dress up as Scott Peterson, a Kamikazi, or Hitler before?

How much more can I write about this? Someone out there will still call me "bigot of the day" for this despite my protests that I'm neither a Nazi, Klan member or Facist, nor a sympathizer. And why- because they've lost their sense of humor or I'm completely not P.C.
As a possible future figure head/leader he should learn a lesson and some history - let him go to Auschwitz and be done with it. Good idea Charles.

A nice quote from both the Bible and Raising Arizona seems appropriate here:
"Now, let he who is without sin cast the first stone here."


  • At Saturday, January 15, 2005 at 6:12:00 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    PC = SUXOR

  • At Sunday, January 16, 2005 at 5:35:00 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Let him wear Swastikas! What, we should care? Oy!

    At Halloween, we dress as all kinds of cute and cuddly things such as Satan, ghouls, witches, zombies, werewolves, and Vampires. Clearly, Nazis are worse than any of these. Satan, the Big One, has done a fine job of convincing mankind that he is just a fictional, lovable, irrepressible bad guy that we can invite to all our parties.

    On the other hand, if Prince Henry were to dress as Michael Moore, then I would be really worried about him.

    Der Flounder speaks anonomously


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