June 11, 2009

Ehow Articles

I'm attempting to do more writing online. Why? Well, honestly I'd like a crack at some of the money pie that the Internet is still churning out. So, I'm posting my first three articles here to see if they get any views. (You wanted the truth.)

There is an added benefit - I made a cake that looked like Jupiter a few years ago. I swore that I had a picture of it on here, but it's gone missing. SOoooo, if you want to not just see it, but know how to make one, then the third ehow article below will explain all the gritty details.

Thanks for reading - and for any comments. Hopefully, I'll be posting something less gratuitous soon.

How to Set Up an Economical Baby Nursery

How to Get Thing Done with a Baby in the House

and finally...

How to Make a Cake Look Like Jupiter

By the way, as far as making money online goes... I'd really love to hear from anyone out there who can seriusly explain to me how to incorporate adwords, google adsense etc... into their work. I mean explained like you're speaking to someone from Mars, too. Don't assume that I understand anything after the first time you use "percentage" in your explanation. Thanks!


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