December 04, 2006

2024 Moon Colony and Jupiter Cake

Maybe I've seen too many Star Trek episodes. I'm sure that this is the case comparatively speaking. A strong geeky side, lots of field trips to the Air and Space Museum in my youth and an insatiable desire to be reincarnated to find that I live on another planet because humans have made it that far have all contributed to my hope that we can explore things on the ultimate next level.

Along with discovering that I was a rampaging gorilla on the loose, I've dreamt that I lived on Venus and been a part of various outer space colonies. What I'm saying is that - the geek still speaks. So it's going to cost billions of dollars, but in my lifetime, there may be a permanent station on the Moon. Wow.

Here's the catch. They are already talking about inhabiting the South Pole because there are mining possibilities nearby. Can we take it easy on the natural resources? Perhaps, the deal should be - you get us off the oil (with a friendly alternative) and you can stay on the Moon.

It just so happens that I'm planning to make a cake that looks like Jupiter this week for a cake auction themed - Scouts in Space.

It's all falling into place.


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