May 10, 2006

Been a Long Time Since I Wrote Some Blogs

Finally, the inspiration came back today as I perused the Urban Outfitters mailer, which usually has some cool, but often unusual clothes and household items. Although, the ideas have been brewing for some time now - January-ish - ever since the sneak previews into 2006 fashions, I just couldn't put it into words until now. So, here we have it... the long awaited Cherrystew comeback.

For what some are delicately advertising as "baby doll frocks" or playful, "a-line tunics" (See for a really good example), I have dedicated the following:

*As always, I'm apologizing in advance for crudity, tastelessness and being overtly gauche.

The Top Ten Things You Think When You See an "Apron Tank/tube tank/frock":

10. How cute, maternity-wear for teens!

9. There goes one of those hysterical pregnancy tops.

8. If I'm going to wear this, I'm going to have to really suck it in to make up for the difference.

7. Is she pregnant? No, she's just wearing one of those warped, ridiculous, eighties throw back tops. At least we kept the pregnant look out of it when we wore it.

6. Keep overpopulation down, pretend you're pregnant.

5. [with sarcasm] If one of the goals of fashion is to look sexy, then mission accomplished!

4. [also with sarcasm] Get me one.... and in every color!

3. Finally, a reason not to keep up with today's fashion.

2. "Honey, does this make me look fat?"; and

1. Picturing unsuccessful advertising... "Wear one for a boyfriend you want to scare away, for a special occasion that doesn't matter to you . . . or, for just one of those totally over-salted bloaty days."

I know, I know... you waited 5 months for this? Hey, admit it! You've all probably thought the same things.

Signing out until inspiration strikes again...


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