November 03, 2005

Each Day is Better with Barnacle's Sardines!

"It's the right time to have a sardine!"

We just don't know how to sell sardines anymore. When is the last time you saw a commercial for them? Can you even picture it? ...wavy screen, wavy screen...

[Boy sits at clean kitchen table after school - school bus driving away in the window.]

Boy: Mom?-
Mom: Yes, Honey?
Boy: I'm huungryyyy.
Mom [big, knowing smile]: I know just the thing...

[Cut to boy with sardine innards just dotting the corner of his mouth.]

Boy: Mmmm! Mom, these sardines are delicious!

We've seen this style work for thousands of other items -- pudding, fruit snacks, pizza bagels, combos, pastry streudals... But sardines? I just don't see it.

Who is eating sardines? Ok, I'll admit it. My family is, but it is by no means linked to any advertising whatsoever. In fact, it's kind of difficult to buy them at all. We have to reach up to the top shelf at the grocery store to get them like they are some kind of noodee mag, and sometimes, they hardly have any in stock. [I misspelled the magazine genre on purpose - spammers are getting really clever. We'll know tomorrow if they saw through that one.] Sardines are nasty, but no worse really, than what you see when you eat a roasted chicken or a steak.

Alright, who is with me here? What does the RSS feed say about the word on the street over sardines? Tell it to me like it is. Don't hold back.


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