October 10, 2005

Plastic Surgery Commercial Bombs

A plastic surgeon in North Dakota has attempted to sue the production company he hired after he saw the commercial they made for him which featured this grisly image. Dr. Snouter claims that he had no idea that Splitting Image, Inc. was planning what he called "a grotesque, Halloween-inspired mockery of his business," after clients called his office to complain. Several patients who had recently completed healing from rhinoplastic surgery claim that they would never had used Dr. Snouter's services if they had known what bad taste he had in commercials.

Vice President of Splitting Image, Inc., Chucky Plimpton, claims that, "Dr. Snouter gave us complete artistic control. He said quote, 'do whatever the heck you want, just get me some ugly ducklings in here.' We thought that the mask would get people's attention since Halloween is coming up so soon."

Other images featured in the two minute commercial include borrowed images from Hell Raiser and the poorly rated, Hannibal, during which a voice-over in the commercial says, "don't resort to these measures - let Dr. Haug Snouter, the professional, take care of it."

Dr. Snouter has obtained an attorney in order to sue Splitting Image, Inc. and has had the commercial pulled three local t.v. stations.


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