September 27, 2005

Handy Cat: Episode 3 -- Laundry Tips

Hi! I'm going to show you how laundry needn't be such a pain. In fact, you might actually learn to love it if you follow my detailed steps. You may be asking yourself, "what's there to love about laundry?" Well, if you have never crawled into a warm pile of it, then don't ask. Now, for the steps:

1. Don't let the static frighten you away -- the charges will subside. Just let the warmth overpower you into a cat nap.

2. Be sure to crawl in through the side to optimize immersion. If you crawl in from the top it only makes it more difficult to find a lookout (because as you can see, this is great camo as well).

3. After the sock (i.e. rabbit, snake or mole) has lost its allure, forget the laundry. Someone else usually ends up folding it don't they?

Now, you're probably asking yourself why you didn't learn how to repair anything in this episode. Well, if you consider that I never claimed to be the one that put the 'y' in "handy" maybe you'll stop asking why. If you want to know who put the the 'at' in "cat," however, that would be me.

Make sure you catch the next episode of Handy Cat which will show you the proper way to chew and digest gnarly insects and household items like rubber bands.


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