September 07, 2005

Geometric Artwork Still Sucking Up Cash

Painter, artist and occupational therapist, Leroy Princely, says that he's spending less and less time on his artwork and making more money. This piece, titled, "Ocean Crossroad," made Leroy $15,000 last week, but apparently took only 5 minutes to create. Using his Compaq computer's paint program and a little copy and paste, Leroy seems to have tapped into the human mind's mysterious enchantment with repeating patterns and geometric shapes.

"The only problem," counters Irish art collector, Ryan McPoint, "is that Leroy appears dispassionate about his work and now focuses completely on the monetary rewards like a wee ninny."

Others artists delve even deeper into modern mediums, with generative or random art, which captures the creations of computer programs. Although Mr. Princely does not use this particular medium, he did emotionally pronounce that, "if the eye likes it, who gives a flapdiddle what made it? I'm getting rich as crap because people like this junk."


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