August 19, 2005

Top Ten New Reality Shows

10. Lawning a Mow: (Seeing if a fresh out of beauty school hairdresser can get away with turning her front yard into a salon.)

9. Who Wants to Date a Chump?: (Women fight over winning the heart of a meat-head chimpanzee.)

8. Crash My Ride: (Filming car owners' reactions after the show crew hot-wires and crashes high-end vehicles.)

7. This isn't McDonald's Training, This is Hell: (A day in the life training under a belligerent McDonald's manager.)

6. Can We Get a "Yee Haw"?: (Searching for the next American, Country Idol.)

5. What the Hell Did Mick Jagger Just Do to My House? (Filming home owner's reactions after finding that Mick Jagger has redecorated their houses)

4. A True Breaking Up Story: (Being broken up with is pretty hard, especially when it's all caught on tape and aired to the universe.)

3. Real Feet (duckling feet become swan feet with a little real-time plastic surgery - viewer discretion advised)

2. Scavenger Hunt: (just like Amazing Race, but all filmed in your local city park)

1. 60 with GEICO: (Because everyone loves to save money on their car insurance, you'll love this "info-mercial" with the best-of that talking gecko and much more)


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