June 28, 2005

Donnie Darko 2 Baffles Fans

"Donnie Darko 2, Are You Sure You Want to Go Out Today? makes Dumbo look like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre" said movie critic Ron Cramp Neck after seeing the Friday Night premier last week. "It's like Donnie Darko for kids. The only thing minutely frightening about the film is the title and lack of regard for the first Darko."

Movie producers gave little explanation for why this Teletubbies meets Alice in Wonderland rip-off held little mystery and included a twenty minute scene of the rabbit singing and laughing in front of a church (see photo). Other scenes included a lesser known fill-in for the protagonist from Darko 1, the first star of Blue's Clues, Steve Burns, going shopping for carrots with the rabbit who had just jumped out of his mirror with a bunch of balloons and a smile.

A fan of the first Darko had this to say of the premier, "The R rating on this movie is ludicrous. Let's put it this way... if your children love fluffy animals, walks in the park, animals talking to people about their day and 134 minutes of no plot, then skip Chuckie Cheese and head to this movie this weekend."

The title seems to sum up how most fans of psychological thrillers feel about the film itself: "Are you sure you want to go out today" and be so severely disappointed by a sequel that you won't even see the last Star Wars? Posted by Hello


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