May 29, 2005

"Quadropus" - Another Dud Band Name

Budding guitarist, Alex Grist, spent the better part of this past Saturday with his head in a bottle of Rock n' Rye after learning that his favorite band name creation to date, "Quadropus", was all over the internet (many being used in musical capacities).

"I had this feeling," Alex gobbed between tears, "like, this is the name, man. This is the name!!"

Although, he does not have a drummer or any other committed members of his band yet, Alex claims that that doesn't matter, "Quadropus" was going to shine like a diamond, man. Everyone was going to know us. Our first hit was going to be "The Death of Doc Oc".

Reactions of Alex's friends spanned from mildly sympathetic to overtly mocking. One friend said, "I've heard enough. Until Alex learns some chords, who cares if he has a good name for a band. Staying drunk like a rock star, does not one make."

All agreeing, well said, well said.


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