April 25, 2005

High Gas Prices Help Simplify Local Soccer Mom's Life

Truck drivers and pizza deliverers have no reason to be celebrating the recent spikes in gas prices, but we found someone who says she can link her better quality of life the past few weeks directly to the oil market's shenanigans.

The homemaker and mother of 3, Rachel DeBue from Cleveland, Tennessee, admitted that if it wasn't for the high gas prices, she wouldn't have come up with such well organized itineraries for her errands.

"I remember taking one of those Math for real life courses in college, thinking how cool it was that traveling salespeople could do math problems and graphs to figure out the most logical routes for their sales, but I never thought that I would apply those formulas to real life," said Rachel.

A day in the life of Rachel DeBue showed that besides driving her kids to three different schools, volunteering and taking care of her Aunt, she is found running to the grocery store and the YMCA at least once a day, which turned out to be a whopping average of 6 errands or 6 separate trips out of the garage per day. It's no wonder that when the price of unleaded got to $2.50 per gallon, she dug out her old Math for Liberal Arts Majors book and found a way to shave her trips down to just 2 or 3 per day.

"I'm actually grateful for the high gas prices, really. My life has become more convenient in so many ways. I have time to juggle balls now, not errands," she added.

Most people, having only seen the downside to the nearly double prices in gas from last year, have started buying motorcycles and bicycles in protest.

Rachel says that she has her life so organized now that she can go ahead and buy the red Hummer she has been eyeing even though that would cut her mileage in half.

The Aunt-in-law, Melba, who Rachel has been taking care of everyday for three years said that, "Rachel's theories on gas prices make about as much sense as seeing a Cirque du Soleil show if you have a fear of Avant-Guard clowns."


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