April 18, 2005

Elmer Fudd Spotted Hunting Cats in Wisconsin

The Looney Tunes character Elmer Fudd was seen by a local waitress at a Shoney's restaurant this weekend, carrying a shotgun and the hide of a stray cat. Apparently, Elmer had shot the cat behind the restaurant as he spotted it jumping out of the dumpster.

Although the law proposed by Wisconsin lawmakers has not yet passed, that didn't stop Elmer from doing a little pre-law hunting. The waitress who witnessed the shooting, Anna Belks (who happens to be an avid cat lover), said that she yelled at Elmer from the back door to stop. Elmer allegedly put his fingers to his lips and replied, "Quiet, I'm hunting fe-wines" then proceeded to kill the cat. The cat had on a collar and lived with his owner, Marley Richards, in a house behind Shoney's.

Ms. Richards told us how she felt about her cat, Bumbo, getting shot, "He'd been outdoor all his life. He always ate at Shoney's. My Bumbo's only crime was that his collar blended in with the color of his fur, which I guess is my fault really. I just never imagined someone starting to kill the cats before that law passed."

Elmer Fudd was released Monday morning after the Tasmanian Devil paid his $300 dollar bail . Charges are expected to be brought against Mr. Fudd by next week.

If you believe that the only thing more ridiculous than this story is the fact that Wisconsin is actually trying to pass the "shoot Sylvester law" click on this link: Save Sylvester


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