April 14, 2005

Fox Launches Angel of Death Makeover

Television does a great job of pointing out all of our most heinous physical flaws with shows like The Swan, Extreme Makeover and many more. No one should be shocked to learn that Fox has found a way to raise the stakes even higher with its wildest makeover series to date. All of the subjects in queue are famous people, however, producers are not yet sure whether the other stars will be able to top their first subject, the Grim Reaper. Because of the shock effect of seeing the Grim Reaper (or Angel of Death) close-up, Fox executives may only run one 4-week segment of its new show, Makeovers of the Macabre - (Pale Death Becomes Great Tan). Although it's difficult to disagree that the Grim Reaper lacks most absolutely, every physical characteristic which can be construed as attractive, except for "thin" perhaps, it is even more difficult to imagine the makeover crew having any success.

If anyone thinks that Mr. Death will start out looking anything similar to the way he is portrayed by Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black, then you will be most disappointed. The Grim Reaper you'll meet on Pale Death Becomes Great Tan will look just like the typical one you see on Halloween, except scarier. If you are imagining a scythe, black hood and absent or pale, thinning face, then you have the Reaper Man.

Fashion and Beauty Expert, Denise Houston says the first thing they will do is let the Grim Reaper sit in the tanning bed for 3 minutes, "We have to take this slowly to make sure that his skull doesn't burn. Next we will see what we could do with all that gauntness. Usually we try to thin people down, this time we'll be feeding the subject like a Sumo wrestler. Another thing that will detract from the Reaper's sunken appearance is a really fun flip-do."

If the show has success, producers have a few other subjects in mind, like, Makeovers of the Macabre - (It's a New, Not Boo Elvira), (Paula Abdul - Get Out of the Slamming Door), and finally, (Ric Ocasek - It's Magic!).


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