April 22, 2005

Venus Fly Traps Set Sun on Earth Day Celebrations

A plant expert at a St. Louis, Missouri, Horticulture Convention in celebration of Earth Day 2005, said Friday that she had, "...never seen anything quite so horrifying," after she witnessed a Venus Fly Trap exhibit eat 4 people, and injure 2. Wendy Salem, who specializes in orchids, claims that she and several other people were completely exhausted after they spent 15 minutes pulling the survivors out of the giant, green jaws of the plant. Carlos Flemming, the man who put together this particular exhibit, which featured over 10, 8 foot tall Venus Fly Traps, is being held for questioning after a convention goer said they overheard him say, "If you let 'em get real hungry, they get this real pretty shine and color. These guys haven't eaten for six weeks."

An expert we interviewed said that she only knew of one case of a Venus Fly Trap eating a person and that was documented in 1896 by the grandfathers of the modern day Ripoff's Believe 'Ems or Don't Believe 'Ems.

The convention center which at the time of the feeding contained about 25,000 people shutdown 3 hours early after counselors and the Red Cross were brought in to calm everyone down.

Earth Day events elsewhere across the globe have been peaceful.Posted by Hello


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