April 19, 2005

Feline Protests Cross a Deadly Line

*Those with sensitive dispositions may want to skip this blog due to the ferocious nature of the photo below.*

Part of amateur journalism requires that we show you the truth, haphazardly, without peer review, and sometimes, as you know, all of the above is frightening.

The following photo shows two cats after they terrorized a Wisconsin town Monday night in protest of Elmer Fudd being released on bail after he shot a cat at a dumpster. Both cats are still on the run. The photo, taken by a security camera, was given to us by the hotel where the cats napped after they completed their bloody rampage. Apparently, the room had been left open by the previous visitors. Keep in mind, these cats may look peaceful, but that's only because they are very, very full. Can we say roughly 10 people not accounted for (at least)? They say the more peaceful the beast, the bigger the meal they just ate...

Serial Killer Cats After a Night of Gorging Themselves Posted by Hello


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