May 02, 2005

Does Gattaca Suck? Yes or No.

It was totally anti-climatic. After spending late Sunday morning trying to remember the name of the 1997 futuristic movie starring Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, it was such a let down, "oh, it's Gattaca." We started out looking for something that began with 'E' but my quicker friend, C.H., moved on to 'G' where the guess, 'galactica' finally got us on the right trail (briefly sidetracked by the 80's game, "Galaxian"). But when it finally struck us, it was so lame. There was no, "I GOT IT!" feeling. We had to reassure ourselves several times that we actually had the right name. I'll admit, I didn't really feel comfortable with our final answer until just a few minutes ago when I looked it up on Netflix. So many times we jog our brains trying to conjure up people's names and places where we last saw a lost object, and usually we are left with such a feeling of accomplishment when we finally remember them. I bet that 99 times out of 100 the body releases serotonin into the brain at that special moment. Every time, except for "Gattaca". Remembering the name "Gattaca" was more like feeling good about yourself because you got whacked over the head with a Styrofoam noodle and lived.

So yesterday, what a let down. Pretty good movie, pretty lame name as far as the opinion of the brain, although "Gattaca" rolls off the tongue rather nicely. In fact, I've grown quite fond of the name "Gattaca" and sort of wish that a movie with higher box office numbers would have gotten to use it. Maybe I would have remembered the name right off and spared myself and my friends the lame game of "remember it" that we played if the movie would have stayed in the theaters longer. Heck, maybe "Gattaca" does suck for the simple reason that no one else gets to use that name now, unless they give that name to their child or pet. "This is my daughter, Jennifer Gattaca Jones, and my little dog, Gattaca. We call him Fatty Gatty for short."

*Click on the title of this blog if you would like a more thorough synopsis of "Gattaca" as a movie.


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