June 17, 2005

Parade Participant Loses "Mojo"

"Just another wild parade," said Josh Horton of Mulberry, Ohio, as he set out on yet another of Bonnaroo's festive marches.

Josh's friend, Maria (shown in gold) said that she has never seen him like this before, "...he is usually the energizer in the group... I hate to say it, but it's like he's totally lost his mojo and it's rubbing off on all the other parade participants, especially the faux-goblins and space-suiters."

But who can blame him for losing some of his excitement? Records show that he has participated in over 55 festivals, parades, gatherings and hootinannies since 1993. He was most recently on stilts as a walking refrigerator for a Mulberry town parade and also wore a face mask the size of a couch for over six hours at the last Phish concert/festival in Coventry, Vermont.

"Sometimes you just kind of wonder why you're covering yourself in gold paint for the fifth time in a month... what in God's name is it all for?" mused Josh.

Well Josh, we hope you find your "joie de vivre" back as soon as possible. There's a giant Easter Island rock carving outfit waiting for you just a few blocks away.Posted by Hello


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