August 28, 2005

Handy Cat: Episode 2 -- Sink Repair

Handy Cat has returned with a heartbreaking episode about fixing the sink in his suburban home:

Hello everyone! Trying my paw at this sink was one of the hardest things I've ever done. You see, my Uncle Patches, was like a father to me, and he was a plumber. He wanted me to learn his trade. As a stubborn, adolescent cat, I refused him while I pursued the local dives under people's porches and Red Lobster dumpsters. I never learned how to fix a sink. "But he's Handy Cat", is what you say. Well, today has been like sealing up a bag of nearly stale Pounce for me. With adjustable, open-end pliers and a wrench, I was able to stop the leak. I consulted with some local plumbers for help and I'd like to personally thank The Scratching Post and Prissy's Plumbing for their assistance on this project, but especially, Uncle Patches who I know, is right this moment, in cat plumbers heaven, pawing out a shiny diamond ring from a golden garbage disposal.

I hope you will all understand why I didn't go into detail about the more technical aspects of this project. I'm just far too emotional right now.

Next time, will Handy Cat have to scale the wall with claws alone, or will his human companion understand his meows for a simple ladder? Posted by Picasa


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