October 04, 2005

Top Ten Rejected Slogans for the TN Lottery

10. Many Will Play - Even More Will Lose

9. Just Because You Didn't Go to College Doesn't Mean You Shouldn't Pay for a Stranger's Kid to Go.

8. Play the TN Lottery - A great way to workout the thumb and forefinger!

7. If You Haven't Played the TN Lottery, You Probably Still Have Money in Your Wallet!

6. Millions Pick Five - We Pick One!

5. Be a Volunteer - Donate to the TN Lottery

4. The TN Lottery - Capitalism at its Best!

3. When 9.25% State Tax Just Isn't Enough!

2. Graceland Needs Renovation- Play the TN Lottery

1. The TN Lottery - There Ain't No Place I'd Rather Put My Cash


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