October 27, 2005

Top Ten Don'ts for Halloween Costumes

10. Harriet Miers in Supreme Court Justice Robe

9. Sponge Bob (he's just not as cool this year)

8. Fat Oompa Loompa - it goes against everything they stand for and no one would get it

7. For Couples: Brad & Jennifer

6. Aileen Wournos (as seen in Monster) because although she would be amusing at a campus Halloween party and she is very scary, you'd still have to explain yourself the whole night when people would ask, "Aileen who?"

5. On Fire from the Lava Anakin Skywalker

4. Gas Gauging OPEC Guy

3. Janet Jackson's Daughter

2. Super Natural Disaster Man

1. Donald Trump Not in a Suit (too scary even for Halloween)


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