October 25, 2005

Mars Rover Finds Very Unexpected Evidence of Life

NASA scientists say that finding the petrified head of what has been called, "Pretty Paula," was not really what they had in mind when they said last year that, "If Mars has life, then we'll find it," in regards to questions about the longevity of the solar-powered Mars Rover, which was supposed to last thirty days, instead of a year.

"Pretty Paula," appears to have belonged to a humanoid about six inches high, and would have weighed approximately half a pound. Geologists are scrambling to figure out what environmental conditions may have contributed to the petrification of the little human. They're also wondering, like everyone else, why "Pretty Paula" was named that and how her head got separated from her body.

Some scientists are skeptical of the discovery. Leo Von Guttersplut from Virginia Tech's science department speculates that the head was planted intentionally by the rover as a last attempt to find a life form, "I believe that Petunia Head was some science fiction geek's attempt to get people to believe in other life forms. She looks like your standard cupie doll. Get with it folks."

National Entity for Real Discoveries or (N.E.R.D.) released this comment Tuesday: "We are sure that Pretty Paula will be everything that we imagined. As for those that do not believe, let us assure you, Pretty Paula will be verified as real. I mean, come on... she's totally out there in the middle of nowhere. What are the chances that she wouldn't be real?"

Nasa said that they are still investigating the appearance of the head and are making no assertions as to her authenticity.


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