October 21, 2005

Apple Comes Out with Nano Bubble

For allergy victims, the creator of the rock star of small musical devices, Apple, has created the ultimate cure. A epoxy sprayed, umbrella-like shield, drapes over the entire person, shielding them from rag weed, pet dander, and eczema. The bubble is packaged in a sleek, futuristic cover - no bigger than a cigarette box, in black or sanitary napkin wrapper pink, and also organically knows when the allergy prone person is suffering from symptoms.

Some models include wheels which keep you from needing to hold up the bubble while you're walking. So far, the bubble has sold over a million of its protypes, but this success is not being applauded by everyone. Some allergy companies are complaining because Apple refuses to feature the software, in this anti-allergy-pod, which will allow doctors to have data collected from the Nano Bubble for their copies of patients' medical records.

Upgrades in the Nano Bubble include a 10 megabyte storage which will let you listen to downloaded songs while under its protective, mothering shell, and a compact roll of tissues to help you in those first five minutes before the Bubble gets control of your allergies.


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