November 01, 2005

Beyond Shoe Dome

What is it with shoes lately? Keep in mind, that I am picky and cheap about shoes, therefore, never satisfied, but really, has anyone seen these shoes!? They seem to be everywhere. All strappy and criss-crossy. Every single time that I see them I think, "Beyond Thunderdome, the Shoes," or "There's those Mad Max shoes again." I guess I'm going to have to go back and watch these again to see exactly what this strong association has to do with...

Oh yeah, maybe it is the totally whacked out Mad Max attire, which looks much like these shoes being offered by Sketchers and plenty of other makers.

If that isn't enough, there are also these really flat, sequined, completely impractical dress-flats which are seeping into shoe stores as well. I've actually considered buying the Mad Max shoes, but then realized that I would feel like I needed to go siphon off someone's gas tank when I was wearing them. These little fairy, witch, torture shoes though? No way. I'd probably be more comfortable going in socks and nothing else (besides clothes, of course).

I'm probably going to breakdown and get those slip-on mocs from Land's End or L.L.Bean. At least they will be comfortable and non-obtrusive under jeans. Oh yeah, and I won't have to get hijacked by a roving band of Australian, post-nuclear bandits if I wear them.


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