November 28, 2005

Where Can I Get a Quick Degree in Film?

I can't send my six-year-old son to film school yet, but when he's about seventeen, I'm going to start filling out the applications myself. Every aspect of film making is fascinating to him - from editing to special effects. Every movie we watch creates a huge new batch of questions which I can't answer. I just can't stand to hear myself say, "I don't know," one more time. The problem is that no matter how quick the degree would be, I don't really have the desire to get one. He's the one with the passion for it.

Sure, we all have ideas and some basic knowledge about the making of movies, but could you explain to an inquisitive child how they filmed the lava scene of Revenge of the Sith in detail? Keep in mind that no quick answer will do. Right now I bet you're asking yourself why she let her son see it. Well, at least I've held off on introducing him to The Lord of the Rings (because of the orcs). My justification for letting him see the third Star Wars movie was that he had seen all of the other ones already. He needed to complete the series. Ok, I did, too. In fact, I cried at the end because Star Wars had been such a big part of my growing up.

So, back to film school. He has his theories, you know. It usually involves people really getting hurt, or very complicated procedures. But hey, at least he has ideas. I just watch them. My background with the film production pretty much ended with The Making of Thriller. I am interested in the "behind the scenes" aspects, but I've just got other stuff on my plate right now. If I'm not the reincarnation of Stanley Kubrick, then I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry.

You're going to have to be the one son. Film school here you come. Just a few years to go.


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