June 02, 2009

Top 10 Current, Happy Bits

10. Ridiculously long sidetracks and montages on Family Guy

9. Being completely confident that no part of me wants to try the Volcano Burrito from Taco Bell

8. The Dong Dong sound on Law and Order (but not the theme song - at all!)

7. The first Down Dog of the day

6. The fact that Yankee Doodle uses the word "macaroni".

5. A squirrel eating nuts on top of the grill - better than that - cat/squirrel fight through the sliding glass door

4. Finding out that I won a million dollars (still waiting for this one)

3. People thinking of new pet names for my cat - like "Carpet Orca" (thanks Mark)

2. Finding out that I'm not allergic to mangoes

1. Making fun of the "Under My Umbrella" song


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