January 31, 2005

XOXOXO is kisses and hugs

... in response to comments on the "The Truth is Out There..."

Also to another comment, I agree, Hillary may very well be the new voice for the Democrats. She is an expert at molding/marketing herself. Please read Dick Morris' book "Rewriting History" for a candid look at the Clintons and Hillary in particular.

Just one great example of her self-marketing pointed out by Morris is how during Bill's presidency she got criticized for changing her hair and "look" too many times. Since her running for New York Senate she has had the same hair-style and donned clean jackets with an open blouse, rather than the mock turtles.

It's petty to point out someone's style perhaps, but politics is totally about the presentation - so tailoring your wardrobe down to a science may not be so trite after all.
Her molding is also evident by her switching from appearing very liberal to going centrist on issues... ex: voted for Condoleeza, supports the work in Iraq. A lot of Democrats are saying that the mistake they made in 2004 was putting in a far-left candidate. Hillary is working hard on making sure that when they take a look at her most recent history as Senator, they'll see a moderate politician who off and on supported the beliefs of some Republicans and Independents. It's an art form. The question then is - how does she really feel about the issues? According to Morris, everything she does is solely for the sake of appearances and gaining power. We'll find out soon enough... 2008.


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