January 25, 2005

Senate Rejoices Over Catch-Up Day

Magazines, ipods, instant pagers and text messaging were the activity du jour for Senate members attending the second round of interrogations for Secretary of State candidate, Condoleezza Rice.

Barbara Boxer was seen exchanging Game Boy cartridges with Ted Kennedy while they waited for another chance to question Condoleezza. "Well, she borrowed Mario Cart from me last week and promised that I would get back my Sponge Bob the Movie," said a pouty Ted Kennedy. Barbara had a different spin on the story though, "That's what he thinks. I'm not handing over anything... a vote for Condoleezza, my copy of Oprah the magazine, and certainly not Mario until I get back my Harry Potter cartridge."

Many Democratic Senators admited they attended simply to avoid another ho-hum day at the office. Howard Dean said that they weren't just stalling on America's progress by making Condoleezza wait while Colin Powell unpacked his bags... it was more along the lines of a "free day".

With an Ipod of freshly saved, live Bruce Springsteen concerts in one hand and a stack of questions in the other, John Kerry said, "You know, I'm neither for Condoleezza, nor for the Senate making her wait. I am going to vote for her? No. Will I take advantage of the system today? Yes."

It looks like text messaging beat out both the Ipods and Game Boys, however. A symphony of Scoobie Doo, Love Boat and Funky Town message alerts seemed to overwhelm Condoleeza's answers at one point. To these accusations even newly elected member Barach Obama had a twist, "Hey, Republicans get to do a lot of neat stuff at their inaugurations. We need a fun day too."


  • At Thursday, January 27, 2005 at 7:54:00 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Senator Clinton either got very bored and decided to participate in Senate business or mistakenly pressed the "yes" button thinking that it was a replay of Mario Kart. She voted FOR Rice! Repeat - FOR Rice. Beware, Clinton is on the move. On the other hand, if she actually did this of her own free will, at least she among all her comrades has brains. No spirit, just brains - a start nevertheless.


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