January 28, 2005

The Truth is Out There But We're Not Going to Find It

This appears to be the mind-set that is sucking the energy out of the Democratic party. They may have a lot of people who believe in them but what else is there after you agree that truth is subjective? I'm not talking about the Joe Liebermans and McCains - I'm talking about the far, far left side - Howard Dean and Ted Kennedy come to mind.

No offense, fellow friends that are Democrats. You know I love debating this stuff. Yes, maybe I've turned some of you off beyond repair. Well you also know that we don't have to talk about it - we can break out the guitars - and you can stop reading before you become outraged.

I have just become disturbed by complaints and naysaying from the Democratic party over everything from Social Security to Iraq. Are they truly so opposed or are they just looking for something to define themselves?

In my mind, "Power to the People" ironically has become more of what Republicans want right now: Social Security reform - gives everyone a chance to invest a SMALL portion of money THEY made, Democracy in Iraq gives a large group of people a choice. Isn't choice what groups like NOW pride themselves on being all about? Instead, a sheep-like, socialized system is what the Democrats seem to be offering in response. Throughout this I want it to be clear that I check the "Independent" box in the registration department. All who think that I've sold-out to the Republicans should also note that I voted for Bush after deep consideration of all platforms - Bush presented a more tangible plan, while Kerry, after hours of listening to him on various channels - left me with confusion and a sense of "what?!". And I know for a fact that many out there voted for Kerry for any reason other than they thought he would be a good president. What I'm getting at is that people need to start hearing AND listening to both sides of the story... which will be talked about in just a moment.

Expanding on Social Security, I think of it this way - only sheep want other people to spend all of their money for them as if they were children. Even my five year old son gets to spend some of his birthday money before we put the rest in savings. The Democrats should want to take power away from the government more than anyone else right now anyway - the government is primarily represented by Republicans.

Iraq: are we tired of freedom? Do we think that no one else really needs it? It's strange to think of all the thousands of people who have died keeping this country together. Now, all we can do is talk about failure two days before Iraq gets to have a voice of their own. Although, he is one of the hugest naysayers ever, I do agree with Ted Kennedy somewhat about moving a small number of troops out as soon as possible to make a point of our intentions to the Iraqi people. Other than that though - can we just help Iraq get through these elections without dividing ourselves in the process? Did everyone forget how successful the Afghan elections were?

But really, something has shifted. One side has closed it's mind on a lot of topics and they don't have a leader. Tell us who you are. Rise up and speak. Tell me I'm wrong for thinking that despite the mistakes that have been made we can still have hope for ourselves and Iraq.

The far left tells me that they want the voices of all people to be heard... except when it comes to the voices of those that oppose them, an immediate judgment of their intelligence, intentions and integrity is made. The best example is of course the voice of Fox News. Yes, the evil nemesis of CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The L.A. Times - but shouldn't room be made for another side of the story so maybe, just maybe, the middle road will show itself? I watch The Daily Show, SNL, CNN and anything else I can get my hands on that shows a side that presents a liberal or mainstream view. Why shouldn't a less judgmental viewpoint or to be fair, one more swayed to the opposing side be presented? If you don't listen to both sides (on their turfs) aren't you closing your minds?

I don't think Democrats are idiots. Will Democrats such as those who constantly say that Republicans and Bush voting Independents are zeolot-freak-bigots please do everyone a favor and not constantly berate the opposing view? Where is the non-judging, pc love on this one guys? Please tell me that if you agreed with a point or platform made by a Rebuplican - that if you found truth in someting they said or did, you would admit it.


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    What the hell is XOXOX?

  • At Monday, January 31, 2005 at 6:38:00 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The division is not about war. The blindness is not about Social Security. This country is torn in half by one issue: abortion. There are two cultures defined brilliantly by the Pope. There is the Culture of Death that wants unlimited freedom to kill baby in the womb, or in test tubes, at any stage, for any reason. And there is the Culture of Life. It amazes me that we are wasting all our energy avoiding this debate even though it explains why we hear such inane comments from the left such as "the Iraqis don't want democracy." The Culture of Death must oppose the Administration because of its stance on life. Nothing else matters. Hence, the Administration can do nothing right. The issue is like an elephant with peanuts on its breath sitting in a corner of your living room. Everyone knows its there, but you are not allowed to talk about it.

  • At Friday, May 29, 2009 at 5:14:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This is an old post, so I'm late in responding. Maybe, by now - 2009, Clarissa has finished her swing to the Republican Party. Sure seems like that's where she was heading when this was written. Anyone who could possibly see a viable "voice" of Fox News is getting comfortable with her newly-grown blinders.

    Considering ALL perspectives isn't what it's about. Simply, there are some that can and should be tuned out. The "far-leftists" are just as outrageous as the "far-rightists". Take, for instance, the people on the "far left" that actually go so far as to OPPOSE wind farms because...they kill birds. Consider the people on the "far right" that think America is a "Christian" nation, and that we're fighting wars against "Islam". These views are so extreme, these folks might as well be on the same side.

    So, simply, whenever a side is SO out of whack that they're obviously nuts, discount them regardless of side. Period. Don't listen.

    Example - sure, some good has come out of Iraq, and those people got to vote. But that's not the whole point. Why did we go in the first place? Was it to free the people? Was it to hunt down those terrorists? ...or was it a personal, profitable war for the Bush/Cheney administration? Unfortunately - it's BOTH. You can't paint it black like the far-left wants to do, but for God's sake, don't embrace the Fox News bias (and I mean BIAS so bad that it should be discounted) and paint the war lilly white.

    Sure hope you don't swing the Fox way Clarissa.

  • At Friday, May 29, 2009 at 5:17:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ...oh, sorry, one more thing. In response to the "Culture of Death" nutjob above me. Sure it's something we can discuss, and I do quite freely. Don't support abortion? Fine. Don't f__king have one.


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