June 17, 2009

I BORG Myself

Ok - so if I have this right, I've linked myself from here to


From there, back to here.

I've twittered myself at OmSnap

And from twitter, back to eHow.

It's almost like wrapping myself in a web. The pun there is so ridiculous, I take full responsibility for dizziness or nauseousness caused by it.

I know that being a part of the Borg is much more than doing multi-level advertisements of yourself on the web, but it's just the feeling that everything is a part of everything else. So, welcome to the Borg. I can say that now, right? Because, Start Trek is cool now. All these years it was so uncool to love Star Trek, then some stinking, young Hollywood actors come out from under their agent's stack of starlets and suddenly you can order official Star Trek shirts from off of your Frosted Mini Wheats cereal box. As relieved as all the Trekkies are right now, I think there's a little resentment there, too.

Thanks for all the 'ing around here. blog - twit- facebook (I forgot to Borg myself into that one) That's next.


  • At Thursday, June 18, 2009 at 6:13:00 AM EDT, Blogger Neo42 said…

    Next, google will either buy all those sites or make something with all those features but 10 times better and unified. There's actually some truth to that. Google wave will rock.


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