January 31, 2005

Iraq's Election

This is amazing. I was impressed and moved by the dancing in the streets. I checked out the reaction on Al Jazeera to see how they painted things. The headline basically said that the real turnout numbers were less than the initial predictions, yet admitted that at least 60% voted. They also focused on the towns that didn't have a good turnout. If you think other news organizations have a bias, you must see Al Jazeera. In the same article they talked about a Marine getting killed.

Well Al Jazeera, we'll just let Iraq speak for themselves - since they obviously have just done so. They are celebrating and smiling. In some locations, they walked over body parts as they moved through the line. This is a counter-revolution. The sixties would have loved this kind of thing if they could get over the war part. Heck, it's the same as it ever was. Hippies at odds with themselves- protest the war or celebrate the voice of the people? I'm going to side with the 8 million people who just voted in Iraq and with the soldiers around the world who have died for the cause. We are the New Hippies.


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