February 09, 2005

Mideast Peace Process Stumped Over Half-time Show Debate

Israel and Palestine agreed to a cease fire yesterday ... almost.

The two leaders of the ongoing bloodbath between Israel and Palestine had just shaken hands. Apparently, Sharone started making some small talk about what he considered a mundane Superbowl half-time show featuring Sir McCartney, with the newly voted in leader of Palestine, Abbas. Cameras have shots of Abbas' face going from a a relaxed brow relief look to one of near nausea.

Abbas, enraged said what translated to, "Are you kidding? I loved that half-time show! Did you see the stage? It was so cool. I mean, whoever thought of that deserves a raise. And McCartney, he still rocks, like totally rocks. Did you see him on the base just grooving?"

Sharone countered, "But the fireworks... didn't you think that was a little over the top? Plus, couldn't they get someone who will sing a song that was written this century?"

Aides to both sides were devastated in what had seemed the seedling for a new beginning. Abbas, who was specifically voted in because of his reasonable nature left the meeting somber and defeated. "All I know for sure now," he said, "is that the battle will rage on. Obviously, there is no common ground that we can find with Israel. Our only choice is to fight to the finish."

Sharone likewise ended with a statement to reporters, "I was mistaken about the new leader of Palestine. At least Arafat and I agreed on one thing, that last year's half-time show with Janet Jackson was priceless. Just priceless."


  • At Wednesday, February 9, 2005 at 3:03:00 PM EST, Blogger thedeactivist said…

    Maybe I'm an old fogey, but I don't have a problem with music from the last century, especially since I have yet to hear a significant song from this century! Can you recite the lyrics or at least hum a tune from a song written in this century? Who are the great artists to arise in the last five years - Brittainy? Justin Timberlake? Kelly Clarkson? Where are the Lennons, McCartneys, Cobains, Sinatras, and Crosbys of this era? I'm still waiting - meanwhile I'll put on my headphones and listen to some good old classic Zep.

  • At Saturday, February 12, 2005 at 6:24:00 AM EST, Anonymous Der Flounder said…

    Ben Folds Five


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