February 10, 2005

It's Not About the First Amendment

The issue that Ward Churchill has brought up, whether he likes it or not, is that it has become o.k. to protect every single minority and group of people... except the overall general race, which for purposes of this post, we could start referring to as "American". Why are we protected within ourselves as our separate backgrounds, orientations, genders and ethnic origins but not without as a general group? Under politically correct thinking it has become impossible to say anything about any group of people. Yet, when the same group of people perpetuating the PC code want to condemn the very Americans that they are themselves, it becomes some kind of First Amendment issue. To this I say, P-lease. If Professor Churchill had said that it was the Jewish Stockbrokers who deserved to die or the Hispanic secretaries of the business investors who brought it upon themselves on 9-11, everyone would be outraged. He didn't though. He lumped Americans all together and later tried to back track. Nice try.

The issue of compassion has come up as well. Why is he compassionate towards everyone else in the world - people who create "collateral damage" as in 9-11, but not compassionate towards American leaders in history under any circumstance whatsoever? You can't have it both ways, and most people will probably agree when they think about it.

Why would the thousand onlookers that came to see him speak at the University of Boulder on February 8th, 2005, cheer Professor Churchill on as he judged the money makers of the World Trade Center as if he were God himself? He tried to clarify in recent days that he only meant that the Capitalists deserved or brought on what they got on 9-11. Oh, that's better. How vast of a difference is it really that he makes $100,000 as a University Professor for the State of Colorado? Doesn't that put him symbolically on at least the 98th floor of the WTC with that salary (and working for one of the American states)? Professor Churchill has shown us that it truly has become fashionable to hate ourselves as the very thing we have strived to become... Americans.

To his point, I don't think we should deny that the most powerful nation on Earth has committed crimes against humanity at one time or another... but that doesn't make us Nazis does it? It doesn't even make what he later tried to scale down to handfuls of stockbrokers and bankers Nazis either. Apply your logic to yourself Mr. Churchill. Compassion by it's very nature applies to everyone. Are you trying to say that an eye for an eye only applies to our eyes?

On a sidenote: If it is in fact true that you don't think that the Nazis had an organized system to exterminate the Jewish population... you are incompetent.


  • At Saturday, February 12, 2005 at 6:33:00 AM EST, Anonymous Der Flounder said…

    Churchill snippet was played on talk radio. He said, "US off the planet." Let's start with him. He of course is free to say these things, but this shithead is a flaming asshole, a traitor and a hypocrite. Let him show how much he hates American Capitalism by quitting his job, selling his Lexus, liquidating all his property, giving it to Al Qaeda, and becoming a terrorist. Then I would believe that he is consistent and not just a confused little boy caught in a girlie man's body. Am I free to say that. Can tenure be removed in extreme cases like this?


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