March 08, 2005

Jail Time in New Spring Colors

The fashion industry is proud to announce its newest addition to the world of accessories: Jail Time.

To all those on top of the latest trends who will be donning faux security, anklet bracelets, prepare to be called "Posers". You may be able to wear this handy tracking device with your black ribbon high heels, but do you have the felony(ies) to back it up? It's a little like not wearing a pink leather jacket unless you have the personality to hold it up or not wearing leg warmers unless you really believe in some lost aesthetic virtue of the 80's.

I feel that the media has taught yet another valuable lesson to mankind, that a felony can be worn like a fashion trend. (It can also be a good marketing ploy.) The welcome back for our Living expert nearly consisted of a red carpet as if she had just completed a successful space voyage to Mars.

Will I keep from mentioning this latest cosmonaut's name? I'll try, but it won't be easy since everywhere I go, I see her face... that at one time, motherly, home-style-guru face.

I've said it before, "ye who is without sin can cast the first stone," however, I think that our humble Home-Ec. Instructor and her minions would have better served themselves if she would have walked out donning a delightful, bamboo green and honeycomb badge of humility. Wouldn't we be more likely to return to checking out her well-done line of home goods if we saw her show the least bit of acknowledgment for what she did?


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