March 04, 2005

Internet Geek Gloats Over "1,000" Site Hits

Although most of the hits on Raymond Bronte's internet site, are due to all of his incessant editing, he still plans to throw a "1,000 Hits" party this weekend to celebrate.

In his usual monotone voice, Raymond told our reporters on Friday, that he expects a huge turnout, "You may not believe it, but a lot of people are excited about this besides me. 1,000 hits is not just baked beans, people."

There seemed to be a little confusion Friday morning, when DJs showed up wanting to know just which 1,000 Hits he wanted played at his party which is set to start at 5:30 p.m. Saturday (night?). Carl of DJ Masters told us, "I mean, does he want 1,000 country hits? rock? dance? it would be nice to prepare."

Raymond assured us that there will be plenty of dancing at his "crib" Saturday, because the only music that would be played at his party would be "Stop Making Sense" by the Talking Heads. Chips and dip will also be served with cold Zimas.


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