March 23, 2005

Screaming & Kicking: Blogger Torn from Keyboard

Wednesday turned out to be a a bad day for a fellow blogger in the cyber world. Whitman Weely of Kickapoo, Kansas was literally torn away from his keyboard Wednesday afternoon when family members begged for Social Services to intervene. Whitman was found with raw fingers, some were bleeding from the tips of this nails. His eyes were bloodshot. When Social Services tried to tear Whitman away from his computer, he apparently had been holding on so tight that the tip of his index finger was ripped off. He could still be heard screaming, "Just let me hit publish! Just let me hit publish!" as they drove him away in their white van.

"It all started with him reading the news online this morning. He got into a trance. By 10:00 a.m. he had written over 6 blogs. He usually writes carefree Science fiction and fantasy pieces... but this time... it was about Social Security Reform, Right to Die/Right to Life issues, Iraq.... you name it. He's been warned several times about writing on serious topics by his doctors," said his wife Wednesday evening.

Whitman will be placed in the first of its kind, a Blogging Rehabilitation Center, which uses lobotomies and happy faces for some of its more extreme cases. Doctors told us that his condition is mild compared to some of the other patients. "We have one," said Doctor Rick, "that types on an imaginary keyboard, and another that says he's been invited to go to the White House as a press reporter."

Doctors outside the institute are puzzled by the outbreak of extreme bloggers and blogger addicts. "We're still trying to understand what makes a blogger different from other writers. In fact, we're still trying to understand what a blogger really is." [after this interview, our reporter was fired]


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