March 14, 2005

Still Waiting for Meat Flavored Vegetables

The furthest food chemists have come as far as meat flavored vegetables is green beans and collard greens. Sometimes all you can taste is the ham. There is a reason for this. Like a good spice, ham can permeate every bite of every dish, if you just add a big enough chunk of pig fat. The problem with adding the chunk is that you could avoid this cost and trouble altogether if the chemists would get on the ball with meat flavored vegetables.

I don't personally enjoy my vegetables tasting like another food group, but I get the feeling that I'm a minority on this one. So let's just grow the flavor in the vegetable to begin with. Didn't someone already start growing flavored bananas? The question is in the pairing of the meat to the vegetable. Steak flavored potatoes is an easy start. Our chemists will need to be careful about some of the other ones though. Do we pair fish with broccoli? Turkey with squash?

I've been trying to work out sides dishes for awhile now. It's terrible when you put the plates on the table and at that moment you realize that cod and cauliflower look pretty sad on a plate together, even with the lemon garnish. If they could do tuna flavored peas, I'd be set. All I would need to add is the mac-n-cheese.

If this was successful, the next step would be meat flavored meat such as bacon flavored scallops and crab flavored chicken.

Cut out scraps and steps. Make it simple. Save a shrimp.


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