March 10, 2005

Cat Sentenced to Three Minutes in Jail

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From his second level prison cell, the notorious cat, Ginsberg, begins his 3 minute jail sentence. He was convicted of 365 counts of jumping onto his "owner's" dresser at 5:30 a.m. and knocking off jewelry, coins and anything that will make a racket. He has also been convicted of harassment and noise violations for meowing at the top of his lungs when his owners are sleeping. When he gets out, Ginsberg says that he plans to, "Eat, watch birds, nap and keep tabs on the location of the family dog". The owner failed to get a restraining order against Ginsberg on the grounds that, "You can't control a cat". The owner later admitted that this was probably impossible. Ginsberg now holds the record for serving the shortest sentence in history.


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