May 09, 2007

Barack Obama Commandeers Art Gallery in Richmond, VA

So what of it if a political candidate decides to speak at the art gallery of their choice and wants a few paintings taken down so that they can put up a more campaign-like backdrop? So what if it was demanded and not requested? Isn't it true that all it takes is a few pop culture influenced paintings to give the wrong impression of a candidate?

Let me get this straight - you come to speak at a downtown art gallery - Planet Zero in Richmond, VA, to be exact - so you can show how multifaceted you are and how supportive of the arts you are, and in the process, impede the expression of art in doing so.

How disappointing. The worst part is that you're a Democratic candidate and so many people want to believe in you right now. If you were Republican, then the story might not be getting so watered down and excused.

All I can think is that maybe this gallery is the world's sole, one-wall gallery. Imagine all of a gallery's paintings hung on just one wall. So much offensive art to be covered up for the sake of democracy. Make room for patriotic imagery!

Patriotic to what- the first amendment and cultural diversity? or, patriotic to hypocrisy and outward appearances?

Here is a blog about the same issue with a slightly more forgiving slant.