September 25, 2006

Collybia? Mushrooms in Choice Colors

I found this cluster of mushrooms in my backyard... I believe that it is a collybia of some kind. Any mycologists out there feel free to comment. This is hopefully one of many posts which are totally and truly only about what seems most interesting at the moment. So, the brain jumps around? Go with it -- this lost advertising campaign of Nike...

All this ranting, so un-about mushrooms at all, should be taken in as much of a non-journal-sense as possible, because I'm the first one to criticize blogs that talk about walking down the street and seeing someone they know and then they go to the store and buy grits and bananas, and oh! doesn't everyone always buy bananas? then the day just rushed by and you hardly had time to write this blog at all but does it really matter because wasn't everyone else's uneventful day just as equally uneventful?

Well, tomorrow, I believe I should post the untouched collybia? photo up here for two reasons: 1. it will be easier for mycologists to identify (although without a spore print, I know, I know...)
2. Maybe it will express how eventful it was to find something so amazing, so almost-overlooked in the plain grass of a backyard. Or, if that didn't read quite right, "the pain brass of a gackuard."

I don't know why some of this is coming out a little negative when no malice toward the collybia is felt, nor so toward this entry, but it must be said simultaneously, that it is ultimately refreshing to just post this without any expectations of making in readable. (Speaking of "ables," I don't remember reading anything about this mushroom being edible.)

Maybe the past 100 some blogs are making you wonder, "If that wasn't just her writing whatever she wanted to, I don't know what the future holds." Well, that is the missing link of this entire blog.

So, let's see which season lasts longer -- the autumnal mushroom season or the Cherrystew writing about the autumnal mushroom season season. Either way, hopefully, this is going to be much more chunky around the edges from now on and much more stew-like. In other words, after a chopped and chunked stew has been properly simmered, and the spoon is just coming to the surface after some pre-taste stirring, you just never know whether you're going to get a carrot on the spoon or just juice and bits of floaties.

September 08, 2006

New Requirements for 70's Children

Beginning January 2007, anyone born between 1970 and 1979 will no longer be required to like Steely Dan in order to be considered a child of the seventies.

Classic Rock lovers across the board will now be able to freely say "Up Yours Steely Dan!" during or after hearing songs like "My Old School," "Josie," or "Rikki Don't Lose That Number." Of course, more colorful language will certainly be encouraged. If you're at a loss for descriptive exclamations pop in that James Taylor cassette that you accidentally picked up in that mystery box at the garage sale for some pure inspiration. (You know who you are.)

Recently moved, Charlotte Sanders, from Amelia, Virginia, was totally vamped about the 70's child requirements, "I've been painting my kitchen all week. The radio has been great company, on the most part. I've suffered through several "Dirty Deeds" and secretly-enjoy-hits like "Hold on Loosely" by .38 Special, but if I have to go into another dark overdose of "Do It Again," I may just switch to the Alternative station for good."

A Stick-It-To-Steely party will be held to celebrate the freeing of all those souls sometime in the beginning of 2007. Come back for details!