October 16, 2007

My New Way of Saving Money

Although this is not a foolproof way to avoid lead poisoning, it sure is a way to save money.

I'm refusing to buy anything Made in China. This is almost impossible. In fact, my efforts to outdo my Halloween decorations from last year are going to require the homemade approach. When I went to Spirit Halloween store this weekend I was only able to find a few things in the entire store that weren't Made in China. These included a pair of beer sunglasses, a Venetian mask and a Rasta wig.

Forget about checking Big Lots or The Dollar Store for all your Halloween needs. These places should change their names to "Lots of China" and "The China Store".

You think I'm overdoing it? That I'll never be able to buy anything again? Don't worry - I don't really need much anyway. At this stage of my life, I get a bigger thrill out of taking trunk loads to Good Will than I do out of carrying one from Target into the house.

Cheers to buying less crap.

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